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Our Supplies and services.

Engine service and repairs.

We have a team of mechanics each specialising on a definite make of engine, licences by the manufacturer to carry out warranty repairs and servicing. 

Fiber Glass repair and reconditioning.

We can provide a team for either repair and modification in GRP structures or cleaning and polishing to original like new finish.

Sails and rigging

We are the sole agents for HYDE Sails in Malta and can provide custom made sails at very competitive prices.  Our rigger is in high demand and can attend to most jobs on the spot and at short notice

In our 30 years of experience and a list of very satisfied customers we  are confident that  we can provide the right  product and services for your needs.

Boat Yards

We have special agreements with a number of boat yards on the island.  We can lift at short notice and effect any repairs needed on shore.  We can also give special quotes for long term storage.  

Chandlery and supplies

Our team can source any item needed for your boat at very competitive prices in a very short time.  We are a one stop shop for all your boating needs. 

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