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Club Services is run by a team of sailing enthusiasts with professional technical experience specialising in different aspects of sailing. Club Services started operating more than twenty five years ago as a brokerage firm , importing second hand sailing boats. Later it also included boat maintenance services, having a section specialising in rigging and sails, headed by a highly experienced engineers.
Club Services grew at a fast rate in recent years due to the strategy adopted at its retail level. Instead of having one outlet and competing with others, Club Services makes partnership agreements and shares its resources with these partners. This results in a win-win situation, with the consumer having the highest benefit from this synergy. Our past customers are witness to the excellent service Club Services always provided, intends to maintain, and of course, develop further. Our motto is  To make the acquisition and ownership of a boat a pleasant experience. Club Services specialises in first time buyers giving a complete service and advice in the first years of boat ownership.  With its network of partners from all around the Mediterranean Club Services are certain to select the right boat at the right price for you.  

About Us

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